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SCP Sports Equipment at the Venues in Almaty, Kazakhstan

2023-11-29 00:48 AM

Сдюшор 9 is a gymnastic public sports school in Almaty. The facility was built in 1974 as a national-level gymnastics facility (formerly the national team building of the Republic of Kazakhstan).

Previously the stadium equipment is old, mostly the original Soviet gymnastics equipment and parts. In order to improve the training environment and improve the performance of long-distance mobilization, SCP Sports redesigned the layout of the venue and customized various equipment and floor MATS and other products. This is the first time the gym has changed equipment.

They plan to train in gymnastics, trampoline gymnastics and acrobatic competitions at the new gym. The opening ceremony was attended by Махмуд Ескендиров, Vice President of the Kazakh Gymnastics Federation, former representative Алматы Ерболат Касымов, coaches, teachers, athletes and parents.

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