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01 2024.03

50th FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Championships

The 50th FIG World Gymnastics Championships was held on October 18th in Kitakyushu, due to the global pandemic and the postponement of the Olympic Games, Kitakyushu Championships becomes…
01 2024.03

The 13th African Games 2023 in Accra

The 13th African Games 2023, the largest and highest-level multi-sport event in Africa, will open in Accra on March 8 this year, and the organizing…
01 2024.03

The 16th World Wushu Championships 2023

The 16th World Wushu Championships was held in Fort Worth, United States of America from November 16th to November 20th, 2023. The World Wushu Championships (WWC) is the…
01 2024.03

The Santiago 2023 Pan American and Parapan American Games

The Pan American and Para Pan American Games will be held in Santiago, Chile from October 20th to November 5th, and from November 17th to November 26th,…

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