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SCP Sports Guaranteeing the Judo and Wrestling Testing Programme of Paris 2024

2024-03-01 07:46 AM

The Testing Programme of Paris 2024 is underway.

Test events are important for athletes preparing for the Games. They have a chance to get used to a competition venue or course, including possible weather conditions, altitude, elevation profile, and more. These events also provide athletes the opportunity to scope out some of their international competitors that they’re likely to face off with at the Games.

In order to ensure the success of Paris 2024, SCP Sports, as the Sole Supplier of Judo event for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, participated in guaranteeing the work of Judo Testing Programme on August 30th and 31st. The testing programme for wrestling event is set to take place from September 1st to 2nd, SCP Sports is also the Sole Supplier. With integrating the development concept of technology, environmental protection and health into every detail of its products and services, which will bring athletes a wonderful, extreme and green-sports experience, SCP Sports will do its utmost to ensure the success of Paris 2024.

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